Online Blackjack Indulgence at Ruby Fortune

There are not many casino games with Blackjack’s power to bedazzle, captivate, and thrill players for all the right reasons. Were the world-famous card game to be a confection, it would be nothing less than diamonds and rubies enveloped in luxurious chocolate, made with the richest, creamiest milk. The big difference is, whereas both online Blackjack and jewelled bonbons would have rewarding deliciousness in common, the game also known as 21 has a lot more bite!

Riveting action is always on hand as you Hit, Split or Double Down your way to beating the dealer to 21, working towards getting your hands on potentially huge payouts. Find the quality action and entertainment of your dreams at Ruby Fortune online casino.

Online Blackjack Treasure Trove

This exhilarating game has its origins in France, Spain, and Italy; all countries known for not only celebrating, but also perfecting life’s finer things. The popular game is definitely one of them, and its easy-to-understand rules and vibrant action saw it spread far and wide.

Blackjack’s travels took it to the US, where it underwent a significant development. In the European version, the dealer receives 1 face-up card for your 2 face-up cards, and receives a second card after the player’s move. American Blackjack deals a facedown card with the dealer’s face-up card, and allows the dealer to check for 21 before you make your first move, provided certain conditions are met.

Explore the treasure trove of entertainment available at Ruby Fortune Casino. You could enjoy a grand tour of far-flung locations in the form of Hi-Lo European, Vegas Downtown, Spanish, and Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack. There’s also the Classic Blackjack Gold Series for true connoisseurs.

We’ve got variations to suit all budgets and playing prowess, and you can choose between different variants, Single and Multi Hand options, and games using different numbers of decks. Subtle rule changes, such as titles that allow for Surrender are also on offer, so you can sink your teeth into whatever suits you!

Play On the Move

If you are faced with a dull day, need to run errands, or have to spend the day out and about, let Ruby Fortune put the sparkle back into your life. Use our mobile casino to take the best online action available with you, wherever you go.

Whenever you have a few moments to spare, you can use your Android, iOS, or other smartphone or tablet to log into your account and envelop yourself in all the thrills and challenges that mobile Blackjack has to offer. Microgaming’s award-winning software ensures you do not lose any of the action or any of the magic.

How to Play 21 Online

Apart from the difference of the stage at which the dealer’s second card is dealt, the basic gameplay of European and American online Blackjack is the same.

Place your bet to receive your first 2 cards. If your hand’s value is well below 21, Hit or Double Down to get a new card and improve the total. If the value is middle range, consider Standing or, if you have 2 of the same cards, Split your hand into 2 new hands, which will be bulked up with a new card each.

If your hand value is close to 21, do not be tempted to Hit. Consider Standing, which is playing your hand as you were dealt it, as the risk of Busting (exceeding 21 points) is too great – you could still win with a total close to the magic number. The dealer’s hand will then be compared with yours to determine the winner.

Experience the thrill of a strategic, skillful game for yourself at Ruby Fortune Casino and indulge in online Blackjack so good it feels like the real thing.